Fastest growing industry in India driven by the Mobile operators and the technological revolution.  There is an ever growing demand for broadband and cellular coverage. There is an increasing awareness to connect distributed offices without the hassles of cable lying and problems related to cables. 
Areas of segment, RAD Communication System Pvt. Ltd. targets include
a.    Carrier /Service Providers
b.    Private Networks
c.    Government & Large PSU Sectors
•    Cellular Operators
o    Connect last Mile for their Broadband services in rural areas as cable laying is impossible and not cost effective
o    Cellular Backhauling to provide cost effective services quickly for data and voice
o    Multi-Point to Point access in a cost effective manner
•    Private Networks
o    Connecting enterprises within city ( Covering 50-60 KMS radius)
o    Public Safety and Surveillance for military and other security
o    Variety of applications
To provide such solutions, RAD Communication System Pvt. Ltd. has tied up with RADWIN a global leader in providing Wireless Solutions and the product has been deployed in 80 countries.

Multiple-Point-to-Point Architecture
RADWIN's breakthrough Win Link™ 1000 Multiple Point-to-Point architecture allows service providers and ISPs to provide multiple end-users with carrier class services (TDM and/or Ethernet) and dedicated bandwidth from one Hub site.

The Hub site includes RADWIN's unique Hub Site Synchronization (HSS) technology which synchronizes the transmission of up to 10 collocated Win Link™ 1000 radios - thus eliminating mutual interference commonly experienced with collocated TDD radios.

It also includes RADWIN's Base Distribution Unit (BDU), a single indoor device that connects up to 8 collocated radios, while providing uplink traffic aggregation (TDM and/or Ethernet) and full layer-2 switching capabilities.



Win Link 1000 Portfolio


 Win Link 1000 is a portfolio of Telco-grade products that provide excellent price/performance value. The Win Link 1000 radio links pack native TDM and Ethernet, with capacity of up to 18 Mbps symmetric throughput at distances of up to 80 Km/50 miles. The radios support 2.3 - 2.9 GHz and 4.9 - 6.0 GHz frequencies and comply with worldwide regulations and standards, including FCC /IC, ETSI, WPC and MII.All radios incorporate the latest technologies together with proprietary protocols to ensure unmatched robustness and resiliency in operation in the sub-6 GHz bands
The Win Link 1000 products are extremely simple to install and easy to maintain, thus sharply minimizing operating costs. Keeping CAPEX and OPEX low, WinLink 1000 enables operators to expand their networks quickly while maintaining profitability.