With the continuing improvement in the telematics technology, RAD Communication System Pvt. Ltd. has now its own Manufactured device and own dedicated server &software to provide the best service in pan India as an specialist in providing variety of services. In the current Indian scenario, there are more than 4 million trucks running every day with a monthly cost of a Lakh as operation cost. By providing a robust telematics technology, RAD vehicle tracking system can improve the operation cost and reduce pilferage and theft for these vehicles through the use of FMS fleet management System products. RAD Communication System Pvt. Ltd guarantees to provide the Industry with best innovative product for Fleet management System, no more Internet required, no more desktop or laptop. Just a call away and you get you Vehicle Location on your mobile.

Call us and you can control your car remotely from our support end.

Our expertise committed to provide flexible fleet management systems, car rental applications customizable as our client needs. RAD Communication Pvt Ltd brings engineers with many years of experience together in the supply of GPRS /wireless and web based solutions and this forms the foundation on which all our products are developed.

Our solutions are designed, manufactured and deployed in house by a team of engineers with over a decade experience in developing softwareand mobile work force industry.

Through our continuous in house R&D Process RAD Communication Pvt Ltd provide highly scalable turnkey Telematics solutions that serve various kinds of industry segments.

The Telematics industry has undergone a paradigm shift and advances in mobile communication have made it possible to detect and determine any variable in real-time. RAD Communication Pvt Ltd.’s innovative product development and research teams have pioneered to meet and exceed industry and customer needs.

Resource optimization and performance enhancement solutions are our forte and our strong foothold in the field of GIS& GPS telematics, has given us the necessary impetus to address business problems in a geographical context and help customers with user-friendly decision support systems. We ensure innovative and customer friendly solutions at the forefront of technology.

With features like

Real-time Tracking
RAD VTS can see all trackers of one account in real-time page; you can easy to select each tracker to see where it is. We use "Ajax" technique to ensure no delay to update tracker's position information between browser and server.

Various Alarms
RAD VTS support Various Alarm, including SOS Alarm, Speed Alarm, Lower Power Alarm, and Geo-Fence Alarm and so on. You can set multi-fence area to one tracker at the same time, tracker enter or leave each area will fire the alarm. When alarm fired, an Email will be sent to your email address, you can set different email address to different users to receive alarm email.

Handle Alarm Function
RAD VTS provides Handle All Alarm function, that means, operator can open real-time page and receive all trackers' alarm in one screen, and deal with alarm by "Handle Alarm Steps", for example:
Step1: Call User's SOS phone number
Step2: Call Police", and write handle result for each steps. You can also check these handle alarm history in report. By this way, you can easy to establish up a 7x24 hours control center.

Control Trackers in RAD VTS

RAD VTS control function includes:

1. Geo-fence
2. Speed Alarm
3. Update Position
4. Report Interval
5. Stop Engine

History Playback
You can select tracker and time to playback history foot print. History data can be saved to KML file, Excel File and PDF file.
Report RAD VTS report includes:

  1. GPS Report
  2. Distance Report
  3. Trip Report
  4. Stop Report
  5. Idle Report
  6. Area Report
  7. Photo Report
  8. Fuel Report
  9. AD Report
  10. AD1 Chart
  11. AD2 Chart
  12. I/O Report
  13. Speed Report
  14. Handle Alarm Report

How It Works:-

Main Features: (New and Hot)

  • Tracking via SMS or live tracking by GPRS on LiveGTS
  • Current location report
  • Support AGPS with FMS
  • Tracking by time interval
  • SOS alarm
  • Geo-fencing control
  • Low power alarm
  • Speed alarm
  • Engine Cut (optional)
  • Position logging capacity up to 40000+ waypoints
  • Save 50% above GPRS cost when working on FMS in different ways(RAD Smart Report Tech, ACC, Mileage, Motion sensor)
  • Get street address by SMS request
  • Get Google link for current location by SMS request
  • Compatible with car alarm existing in car originally
  • Support door open/close status, available to control open/close car by SMS or platform
  • Support taking photo by extra camera(optional), 6KB for each photo
  • Take photo at a preset time interval
  • Take photo automatically and send to server by interval when SOS or Geo-fence or other alarm types trigger
  • Available to set different alarm notification ways when alarm (sending alarm SMS, call, platform or taking photo)
  • Car maintenance reminder by mileage report
  • Support alarm in case of oil leakage when working with LiveGTS on FMS
  • Automatically cut off oil or activate siren locale when Geo-fence or speed alarm triggers
  • Support shake alarm
  • Support voice monitoring and two way communication
  • Mileage and GPRS report by distance
  • Support RFID function by extra card reader (Optional)
    I/O: 5 digital inputs, 3 negative and 2 positive triggering; 5 outputs.
    Analog Input: 4 10 bits resolution analog inputs

Low cost and Popular

Main Features:

  • Tracking via SMS or live tracking by GPRS
  • Current location report
  • Support AGPS with FMS
  • Tracking by time interval
  • Position logging capacity up to 10000+ waypoints
  • SOS alarm (available to preset 3 SOS number)
  • Geo-fence control
  • Low power alert
  • Speed alarm
  • Engine cut (optional)
  • Get street address by SMS request
  • Get Google link for current location by SMS request
  • Save 50% GPRS cost above in different methods when working on FMS (RAD Smart Report Tech,  ACC,  Mileage report)
  • Available to set different alarm notification methods when alarm (sending alarm SMS, calling or platform)
  • Mileage and GPRS report by distance
  • I/O: 2 digital inputs, 1 negative and 1 positive triggering; 1 outputs.
  • Analog Input: 1 10 bits resolution analog inputs